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Thanks for stopping by the “Birth Of A Predator” page! Those who know me are well aware of my fondness for alligators and crocodiles, I’ve been fascinated with these amazing creatures since I was a small child and that love is reflected in my work. It seems fitting then that my first full-length documentary film is about the American Alligator and the surprisingly maternal nature of mother alligators. 

 Narration and music score have not yet been added. Featured music is royalty free and used with permission.


Many myths and misconceptions surround alligators and my goal is to show them in a different light while also presenting scientific facts. Alligators have been profiled many times in other films but too often they are portrayed as vicious man-eating predators. This project will present a different point of view. The tenderness, care, and attentiveness of the mother alligator is truly a sight to behold and is rarely seen. I hope you check in often as there will be many updates over the coming months as we head into the post production stage of the film. An official trailer is in the works so stay tuned for much more…and thanks for visiting!

About The Film


Since the time of the dinosaurs alligators have roamed the earth and survived for over 200 million years. Follow the adventure of two female alligators as they guard their nests and protect and raise their young. Filmed in gorgeous locations throughout the state of Florida, you’ll get a glimpse into the mysterious realm of the fearsome predator and see the miracle of life unfold. Over four years in the making, “Birth Of A Predator” will take you on an amazing and up close journey into the world of the apex predator of the Florida Everglades and show a seldom seen side to this amazing reptile.

Be a Part Of The Film

Filming on “Birth of a Predator” continues through this summer with an expected completion in August or September. I’m currently conducting interviews which may end up in the final film so if you would like to be interviewed on camera please contact me if:

  • You or someone you know has had an encounter with an alligator or crocodile
  • Your work brings you into close contact with alligators and crocodiles
  • You are a wildlife biologist, herpetologist, zoologist, or reptile expert

Although I have pretty much all I need in terms of footage please contact me if you have the following:

  • Alligators fighting
  • Underwater footage of alligators
  • Alligator nest building

I prefer HD footage but ALL clips will be taken into consideration. If your footage is used in the film compensation and full credit will be given.

 **I’m also in need of a CGI artist with the ability to create an interactive map as well as 3D

For any of the above inquiries please contact me at



Making an independent film presents many challenges, and one of the biggest is financing. The good news on this project is that it is about 90% complete with only a couple of months filming left.

One way you can help is to purchase a print from the store which is a win-win scenario, you’re not only helping make the film possible but you have something to add to your art collection! When you make a purchase from the store an additional 10% is donated to the Dachshund Rescue South Florida (DRSF). 

I can’t thank you enough for any assistance you can provide! Making a film is a collaborative effort and takes the work and assistance of many for the dream to become a reality, so thank you in advance for helping and thanks for visiting! 

-Mark Andrew Thomas



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