My name is Mark Andrew Thomas and I’m a photographer and filmmaker based in Ft. Lauderdale. I grew up right here in Florida, literally a stone’s throw from the Florida Everglades so it seems a natural choice for me to document and photograph the world I’ve loved and appreciated my entire life. As a child I was fascinated with the natural world and all it’s inhabitants and that fascination continues to this day.

I work as both a photographer and filmmaker and have been lucky enough to have my work featured on Science Channel, Animal Planet, and National Geographic. I’m currently hard at work filming and producing the wildlife documentary feature “Birth of a Predator” for release in 2017.

Working in the film world taught me how to tell a story. After all what is a movie but a sequence of still images? My intent is for every photograph to be like a mini-movie. I want them to make you stop and look. I want you to hear the wonderful stories they have to tell of the amazing planet we live on.

I’d like you to bookmark this site. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with life’s problems I go out into the wild. Hearing nothing but the sounds of water lapping against a canoe, the cry of a hawk soaring overheard, or even the bellow of an alligator always makes me feel whole again….it has healing power and is energizing. I’ve designed this site with that in mind, an escape from everyday concerns and troubles and a place to go to relax and take in the wonder of our planet.

You can do anything you want here. Browse the galleries, check out the full screen slideshow on the home page, and also check out the brand new Alligator Outpost section. There you’ll find the Tales from the Swamp blogs and the Video Gallery. I’d also love to hear from you…feedback is always welcomed. Enjoy the website and once again, thank you for stopping by.

-Mark Andrew Thomas