Mark Andrew Thomas is an award winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker currently residing in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Spending much of his childhood years living next to the Florida Everglades, Mark gained an appreciation early on for all forms of wildlife and the world they inhabit. As a filmmaker Mark has several documentaries and short films to his credit. His film work has been featured on Science Channel (“Alien Encounters”), Animal Planet (“Swamplands, USA”), as well as National Geographic’s “Florida Untamed: Gator Country”. His short “Majesty of the Glades” is currently featured on the Biowall in Silver Spring, MD. He also directing, filming, and producing  the upcoming documentary film “Birth Of A Predator” which is currently filming in locations around Florida and Louisiana with an expected release in Fall of 2017.

Mission Statement:

“Living in an age of technology has made it easy for us to forget that we live on an amazing and unique planet. My goal as a photographer and filmmaker is to bring the natural world closer, and through photography and the power of the moving image, help us to remember that we all share the responsibility of caring for this planet. To conduct photography and filming without staging, manipulating, or enticing any wildlife to behave in a certain way is a philosophy I live by. We can find a balance between our modern world and the wondrous and exciting world that awaits just outside our door…”

 -Mark Andrew Thomas