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Thank you for visiting my official website! Growing up a stone’s throw from the Florida Everglades I spent much of my childhood exploring the Florida Everglades and getting to know the varied forms of wildlife that call it home. So it’s no surprise that I’m now a wildlife photographer and filmmaker! I’m currently based in Ft.Lauderdale, FL. I didn’t stray too far as of yet. I have a special fondness for alligators and crocodiles which is reflected in my work, but I also love all wildlife and believe that each one of us must accept a share of the responsibility in caring for this beautiful planet we live on. My mission statement on my bio page echoes that sentiment…

Best place to start on my site? The place you want to be is The Adventurer’s Grotto! My official blog with updates every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Here is where I post new photos, videos, and news along with a travel feature every Wednesday. On the first of every month check the Grotto for Tales & Travels, a free monthly ebook detailing my adventures in the field along with many photos not posted on the blog.

I invite you to have a look around and immerse yourself in another world where you can forget about the hectic pace of life for just a few moments and enjoy all that nature has to offer. So choose your adventure….check out the photo galleries, hang out in The Adventurer’s Grotto, kick back and relax in the screening room, or visit the multimedia section where you can embark on an up-close and personal journey into the wild by viewing video from my adventures in the field. ┬áVisit the Birth of a Predator page for clips and info about the film. But beware. You may just find yourself face to face with an alligator or two…

Should you decide to make a purchase from my online store, 10% of all sales will go to causes that support wildlife and the environment and take an active role in preservation. Whether or not you buy a print I encourage all of you to donate to one of the many wildlife causes that need your help. If donating money isn’t possible, most cities have a wildlife refuge or rehabilitation clinic that you can donate your time to by volunteering. It helps out greatly and…it’s FUN!! Look for me on twitter via the widget below and I’m easy to find on facebook. Thanks for stopping by!

-Mark Andrew Thomas


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